Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So earlier today one of the kids did something really cute and I said to myself "Ooh, I've got to post about that" only I cannot for the life of me remember what it was that was so cute now that I'm sitting at the computer so I guess I'll just let my brain run wild for a bit and see what I can come up with here!

We celebrated Bill's birthday last week. The kids insisted that we make daddy's cake this year so that's exactly what we did. I told the kids that they could decorate it (which totally made their day) but they couldn't agree on what kind of frosting. We stood in the baking goods isle for about 5 minutes with them arguing in a way that only kids can "chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla..." until I finally settled it by letting them get both to use. I must say that the cake was pretty cool AND Bill loved it!

Bill's Cake

Alexander has had strep throat 6 times in the last year so we had to take him to an ENT to see if he needed his tonsils out. I was told last year that because he was having problems with his tonsils and because I had my tonsils taken out and because Bill had a history of chronic strep that he may eventually have to have them removed, so I was really nervous about taking him to the specialist. Luckily she took a look at his throat (and his history) and said that she wants to wait to see if next winter is as bad a this winter and then we can take it from there because his problems are a winter thing. We were so very relieved to hear that because I really didn't want my baby to have surgery!

Hannah's/My girl scout troop is done with their cookie sales (thank god!) and they managed to raise over $900 for the troop. I always knew that GS cookies were like crack but geez, people really go nuts for these things! We had a cookie sale at our church and I was hunting for more cookies half way through the sale. You'd think that Thin Mints were made of gold the way people were asking for them!

I still can't think of what I wanted to post and my brain is starting to hurt so I'm going to stop boring you now. If I remember what I was going to say, okay who am I kidding? Even if I remember what I wanted to say I'm sure that I'll forget again by the time that I get back to the computer anyway!

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