Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alexander's Top 10 Favorite Things to Say

#10 - Do I have to wash my hands?

#9 - Just put my jammies on, not bedtime?

#8 - I don't want to go to bed!

#7 - I'm gonna beat my high score!!

#6 - I'm a big boy, right mom?

#5 - Sorry Hannah.

#4 - I'm hungry.

#3 - Can I have a snack?

#2 - No Wii til the weekend, right mom?

#1 - Is it the weekend?

These are the things that come out of Alexander's mouth most often, as in a million times a day! I think that he'll be a great interrogator when he grows up because he's really good at wearing me down so that I just give in!

BTW, this is his 3 pre-k school picture. Doesn't he look huge!?!?!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

She's Got the Reading Bug

Hannah has been trying to read ever since she got her first library card at the age of (nearly) 2. In the past she has pretended to read by making up stories by looking at the pictures in her books and actually memorized some of her favorite books and has "read" them to me. She's always loved books and I am glad that she (and Alexander) seem to have inherited my love of reading.

This year in kindergarten she has started phonics, spelling and is continuing to write more and more complex sentences. She has practiced her spelling words, letter sounds and combination letter sounds religiously and tonight all of her hard work has started to pay off. Tonight as we sat on the couch, my baby read me a (almost) whole book!!! Of course there were words in there that were just too big for her to figure out but she got 85% of the words right. I am so proud of her!! I can't wait for her to get better at reading so that I can share with her some of my favorite books from when I was a kid. A whole new world has just opened up to her and I can't wait to watch her explore it.