Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blame It On The Dentist & The World's Strongest 3 Year Old

Hannah lost her fourth tooth tonight. So far all of the teeth that she's lost have been on the bottom and it's making her a little upset. After dinner tonight she says to me "I don't understand why I lost that tooth. The last time I was at the dentist he said that my top middle teeth were loose and that they would fall out soon but they are still there and I'm losing other teeth instead." I went on to explain to her that the dentist was only guessing that those would be the next to go but he didn't actually know which ones would be next. I then told her that she is losing her teeth in the order that they first came in when she was a baby so the next teeth that come out should be the top middle ones. She seemed to feel better after that. She loves whenever I tell her about herself as a baby.

It amazes me that I can remember in what order her teeth came in but I can't remember what I did yesterday! Sometimes I just don't know about myself!

Because Alexander is the smallest person in our family (or maybe it's because he's 3) he is obsessed with finding things that are his size. He get so excited when he finds "little like me" things as he likes to call them, that he has to tell everyone about his new discoveries. About a half hour before bedtime tonight, Bill and the kids were in our room (doing god know what) and all of a sudden I hear "Hey these are my size!" followed by Bill's laughter. I hear him running down the hall to show me and this is what I see:

He has found Alexander size weights and now he can "exercise!" Man I just love this kid. He's just too cute sometimes!


far said...

still cute face gurl although without ur perfect teeth ..

Willie said...

If Alex keeps working out, I'm sure in a few weeks he'd be happy to help Hannah get those top two middle teeth out

Willie said...

you have to save the picture of Alex, I have a feeling in 70 or 80 years he will be able to recreate it only with less or at least greyer hair. We can compare it to Hannahs 100 year old lady pic when she's 90 or so