Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alexander's Top 10 Favorite Things to Say

#10 - Do I have to wash my hands?

#9 - Just put my jammies on, not bedtime?

#8 - I don't want to go to bed!

#7 - I'm gonna beat my high score!!

#6 - I'm a big boy, right mom?

#5 - Sorry Hannah.

#4 - I'm hungry.

#3 - Can I have a snack?

#2 - No Wii til the weekend, right mom?

#1 - Is it the weekend?

These are the things that come out of Alexander's mouth most often, as in a million times a day! I think that he'll be a great interrogator when he grows up because he's really good at wearing me down so that I just give in!

BTW, this is his 3 pre-k school picture. Doesn't he look huge!?!?!

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